Booth design for trade shows

The only thing that sets trade show participants’ booths apart from their neighboring booths is its unique design and construction.
In every trade show, participants’ booths are set up one after another, and the only thing setting a booth apart from their neighbors is the unique design and decoration of that booth. Kaftabam Architectural Group’s designers and engineers are experts in every aspect of the trade show booth operations from design to build, and will set your booth up to shine among all others.
The cohesion between engineering capabilities, graphic design, construction, resources, premade booth structures, and variety of prints, all in a single entity, provides Kaftabam Architectural Group with a flexible range for booth creation that is unmatched by any other competitor in the industry.
The elimination of the middleman and the direct relationship between Kaftabam Architectural Group and customers also allows for an unparalleled advantage in pricing.
You can view a wide selection of premade booth structures and booth constructions in a variety of sizes and dimensions in Kaftabam Architectural Group’s booth design and construction gallery.




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