Interior Decoration

-    Consultation services in pre-design stages
-    Commercial and residential building design, healthcare architecture, informational and sports trade show booth design
-    Commercial and residential construction, trade show booth construction
-    Consulting services
-    Stone, brick, cement, and composite display design and installation
-    Consultation services for technical and financial analysis for architectural designs
-    Animated architectural design and creation

Interior Architecture
-    Roof, faux walls, and separating walls design and installation
-    Design and installation of numerous floor structures with a variety of materials
-    Professional interior lighting design and installation in classic and modern styles
-    Interior design for commercial and residential buildings (boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.)
-    Trade show booth design and installation
-    Modern European fireplace design and installation
-    Fountain, pool, and lake design and installation
-    Interior green space design and installation (entrance, lobby, staircases, window fronts, residential units)

Landscape Architecture
-    Landscape design and installation in for various purposes: residential, villas, commercial, industrial, educational, and healthcare
-    Flower-carpet installation, roof garden installation, penthouse and terrace landscape design and installation
-    Green space and vertical garden design and installation
-    Wooden structure design and installation (garden alcove, pergola, canopy, awning, bridge, cabin)


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  Our interior designers will help balance your aspirations, functional needs and budget, through a combination of engineering, highly productive design, product specification (unique to the dental treatment environment) and skilled artistic considerations.