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Your website is your company’s professional window display in the industry and it is essential for it to be perfect and on up-to-date, look stylish, and be concise and focused in its content in order to best reflect your company’s work, place, and reputation in both local and international markets. It is also the necessary tool to move your company’s goals forward online and to provide products and services with the least possible expense and ease of administration. A well-designed website is one of the most important and fundamental step for your presence in the virtual world.

Website Design Steps
1-    Analysis of your goals for having a website
2-    Appropriate organization and categorization of its information and use
3-    Graphic design
4-    Division and transformation of graphics to HTML code
5-    Programing and developing
6-    Beta testing
7-    Final installation of the site and information transfer
8-    Search Engine Optimization
9-    Website content management training






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