Iran’s Vital Role in the Creation of Islamic Architecture

Iran’s vital role in the shaping of Islamic Architecture doubles one’s disappointment in realizing how few buildings from the early years of the rise of Islam have remain standing today. However, we are aware that characteristics of Iranian architecture pre-Islam can be found in abundance in Umayyad building and later on in early Abbasid architecture. In reality, the first mentionable remains from Iran’s Islamic buildings date back to early 5th century AH (11th century AD), during which time the transfer of symbols and characteristics of Sassanid architecture to Islamic architecture had reached its climax.




Georgia Aquarium Located in Atlanta, USA

The Georgia Aquarium location in Atlanta, USA, is the world’s largest aquarium, which holds about 8.1 million gallons of fresh seawater in it. There are 100 thousand aquatics living in this aquarium from 500 animal species.
The architecture of this aquarium is inspired by the shape of giant ocean-going ships which looks like is breaking the waves of the ocean. Although this is the largest aquarium in the world at the moment, the executives of Dubai claim to have planned the creation of an even larger aquarium in their Burj Dubai Project.




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